About us

Web design studio located in Helsinki

We create websites and e-commerce platforms that deliver the best results in the market.
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Our services 

  1. Conception and technical design, page layout planning, technical implementation for modern responsive web pages and online shops with individual CMS and interface that fit perfectly each of our clients' project.

  2. Search optimization (SEO, search engine optimization). The higher your web site's position is in search results, the more interested customers click on the link to visit your web site.

  3. Social media marketing (SMM). Creation and promotion of the company's brand, improving brand recognition, increase in customer loyalty and engagement that leads to growth of your revenue

Main steps in a web-site creation process:

  1. Establishing project goals and creating a concept for the web-page.

  2. Writing Technical specification of the project.

  3. Creation of a design project.

  4. Creation of the layout and technical implementation for the back-end.

  5. Testing.

  6. Launching the web-site.

Contact us and ask for more details: info@webnord.fi

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